Board Meeting

03/14/2018 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Town of Clinton    Board Meeting     March 14, 2017


Properly posted meeting was called to order at 7 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance were Chairman Monte Dahlen, Supervisor 1 Dan Chaulklin, Supervisor 2 James Chapiewsky, Clerk Sandy Schweiger, Treasurer Jan Clark, Ellie Borman, Mava Clark, Alex Flores, Pandora Flores, John LaDue and Lonnie Muller.


Chairman Dahlen made a motion to accept the financial report as read, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky; all ayes, motion carried. Supervisor Chaulklin made a motion, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky, to approve transferring $490 from savings to checking and $24,500 from money management to checking; all ayes, motion carried. Supervisor Chaulklin made a motion, 2nd by Chairman Dahlen, to pay the bills; all ayes, motion carried. With the annual salaries paid on April 1st, the transfer was adjusted to $32,500 from money management; Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion approving this, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin with all voting aye.


The clerk opened the three gravel bids from Gerke, Scott’s and Kraemer, then provided copies for all to compare. Ms. Borman, representing Kraemer, indicated the prices were good from February 1 to December 31, 2018. Chairman Dahlen wished to postpone a decision until next month making a motion to that effect, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky; all ayes, motion carried.


Chairman Dahlen discussed upcoming improvements for the town hall including gutters, hand rails and a new sign board. Hand rails are needed along the new ramp as well as from the lower parking area; installation will await completion of hot mix on the upper parking area. Mr. Dahlen will investigate seamless gutters for the north and west side of the town hall with all board members agreeing on the project. A new sign board is needed as the current one is not large enough or weatherproof.


Weight limit signs have been placed; applications for permits are available at the town shop. Some damage has been noticed on Anderson and Wang Ridge from deliveries of hay; a culvert may be needed in the vicinity as water is currently running across the road.


Brush cutting has been completed on Knapp Valley. Hopefully, patching with the tar kettle may commence when weight bans are lifted. Since additional manpower is needed for this particular operation, hiring of board members will be addressed at the annual meeting. Although there has been no response to the assistant patrolman advertisement, an application was received from a local resident who will be hired on a trial basis at $16/hour starting April 1st.


The board members have been researching the purchase or rental of a broom to remove winter screenings as well as prepare roadways for patching. Supervisor Chaulklin thought this device should be mounted on the loader. Renting a self-propelled unit from the county would cost $45/hour while a pull-behind is $26/hour.

There was much discussion regarding the dwindling sand pile; many residents felt there was an excessive usage this year. The build-up also impedes drying out of the road surface.


Pandora Flores provided an update concerning the Recycle Center finding most residents receptive to recycling with quite a few being very diligent and only a handful refusing. She noted the new signs did not take daylight savings into account. Chairman Dahlen expressed his appreciation for her efforts.


Chairman Dahlen discussed the new patrolman’s contract with John Adams; the patrolman is currently performing all the duties except maintaining a separate maintenance log for the vehicles.  After comparing compensation offered by other municipalities, the board members decided to offer an hourly increase, an increase of the bonus and an additional day off. Chairman Dahlen made a motion to increase the quarterly bonus to $4,000, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky; all ayes, motion carried. Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion, 2nd by Chairman Dahlen, to increase wages to $18.50 per hour; all ayes, motion carried. Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to increase vacation to 88 hours, 2nd by Chairman Dahlen; all ayes, motion carried.


As for the mid-mount mower, Supervisor Chapiewsky felt this was not the time to be buying such a piece of equipment when there wasn’t any money available for road surfacing. Expenditures on damage caused by flooding in 2016 & 2017 consumed the road budget while reimbursement from FEMA will arrive who knows when! In fact, no funds were left over from last year to supplement either the equipment or building funds. The board members finally agreed that no mid-mount mower would be purchased this year; instead the funds allocated will be used for a brush.


Chairman Dahlen made a motion, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky, to approve the minutes; all ayes, motion carried. Chairman Dahlen made a motion to adjourn at 10:25 pm, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.


Next meeting will be April 11th.

Annual Meeting will be April 21st at 1 pm.

Open Book is scheduled for Friday, April 27th from 9-11 am.

Board of Review will be Wednesday, May 9th, from 5-7 pm.