Board Meeting

06/13/2018 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Town of Clinton    Board Meeting    June 13, 2018


Properly posted meeting called to order with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance were Chairman Monte Dahlen. Supervisor Dan Chaulklin, Supervisor James Chapiewsky, Clerk Sandy Schweiger, Treasurer Jan Clark, Mava Clark, Paul Clark, Tyler Clark, Doug Ewing, Pandora Flores, John LaDue and Wayne Leis.


The financial report showed receipts of $558 from Spring Clean-Up and quarterly highway aids of $33,398.22. Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to accept the report, 2nd by Chairman Dahlen; all ayes, motion carried. Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to transfer $350 from savings to checking, $14,000 from money management to checking and $22,000 from machinery fund to checking, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried. The bills were presented with Supervisor Chapiewsky making a motion to pay them, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.


In the patrolman’s absence, Tyler Clark reported on East Bloomingdale Road’s 3-week project in preparation for seal-coating; some patching material needed replacing after weekend traffic.

Next projects will be on Woods Ridge and Cary Roads. Dell Road and Irish Ridge expected to be done at the end of July or early August.

Patching continues on Irish Ridge while the boulders at the town shop will be placed on Hall as part of FEMA 2017.

Road side mowing will commence soon.

Constructing a second access at the Recycle Center is anticipated to take 2 days.

Both sets of rims have been painted; final clear coat still needed. (The old rims have a buyer at $75 each but are still on site.)


Chairman Dahlen mentioned that gravel for Irish Ridge is not available from Gerke’s at this time, causing delays. Inquiries were made regarding the cost of the patch material and the new tractor as well as the mowing situation at the town hall. Chairman Dahlen noted the advantages of the new tractor and mower; a broom has been ordered to be available when the tar kettle is employed while also negating the need to rent from the county.


Pandora Flores wished to emphasize that state law prohibits disposal of recyclable material; improvements could still be made with compliance on this issue. One dumpster could probably be eliminated at this time. Chairman Dahlen will discuss improved access with Southwest Sanitation and the county as providing an entry and exit would have minimal cost while improving safety.


Monroe Miller, Jr. will provide a new estimate for the gutters on the town hall as the original was for all sides, not just two.


Chairman Dahlen expects to meet with Jerry Jothen on Saturday to discuss an addition to the town shop. Some residents questioned the need for an addition; Supervisor Chapiewsky indicated it was a good idea, just not at this time. Since the chairman is still waiting for estimates, the matter may be discussed further at that time.


New STOP signs have been ordered to enhance safety at troublesome intersections; Supervisor Chaulklin will assist in determining locations.


Tyler Clark is working on acquiring his CDL.


Chairman Dahlen consulted with the county treasurer regarding an increase in the town levy. He found that the town’s levy was much lower than neighboring towns and only minor increases had been approved over the past few years. An increase of $50,000 would greatly help with road repairs. John LaDue noted that the governor had placed restrictions on allowable increases; in addition, the town’s funding consists of shared revenue and highway aids, as well as the levy, both of which are higher than neighboring towns.


Some of the current shortage of funding for road projects may be attributed to outstanding FEMA projects since the decision was made to self-fund these projects; reimbursements for 2017 alone will exceed $65,000. John LaDue also suggested that road projects should be fully estimated since the costs of culverts, ditching, gravel and patch mix can match those of seal-coating. This would also aid in prioritizing projects during the budget process.


Chairman Dahlen made a motion to accept the minutes from May, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky; all ayes, motion carried.


At 8:35 pm, Chairman Dahlen made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky; all ayes, motion carried.