Board Meeting

08/08/2018 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Town of Clinton    Board Meeting    August 8, 2018


Properly posted meeting was called to order at 7 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance were Supervisor Dan Chaulklin, Supervisor James Chapiewsky, Clerk Sandy Schweiger, Treasurer Jan Clark, Barb Adams, Cordell Adams, Ken Adams, Renee Adams, Mava Clark, Bethany Diamond, Doug Ewing, Alex Flores, Pandora Flores, Myron Jothen, John LaDue, Lonnie Muller, Bruce Woods and Shirley Woods.


Following the reading of the financial report, Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to accept, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried. Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to transfer $19,000 from savings to checking and $9,180 from savings to money management, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.

Shared revenue of $23,167.74 and highway aids of $33,398.82 were received. Vernon County tax settlement of $39,901.64 will arrive by next month.

Bills were presented with Supervisor Chaulklin making a motion to approve payment, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky; all ayes, motion carried.


With winter on the horizon, the discussion turned to ordering salt and screenings. Screenings will be requested from Gerke for delivery prior to and in conjunction with salt delivery; 1,000 tons should be enough to mix with 200 tons of salt. Delivery request for the salt will be September 24th, 25th & 26th. Snow plowing rates will be the same as last year; delivered loads will also be available. This information will be in the fall newsletter to be mailed by next meeting.


Supervisor Chaulklin has been patching roads, but Supervisor Chapiewsky’s patching was delayed by rain.


Roadside mowing is imminent, but would be a perfect break-in project for a new patrolman. Interviews will be conducted in closed session on Monday.


As for the old tires, Aaron Wang of Westby Truck & Equipment will purchase.


Myron Jothen wished to correct an error in the Episcope as the town hall was not originally a school as an article reported. Also had concerns with town hall boundary.

He also inquired about seal-coating; only East Bloomingdale was done this year while Irish Ridge was instead patched due to resignation of patrolman.


John LaDue asked if the new gutters had been paid for; they were to be paid after the fact as the invoice did not have an address.


Supervisor Chapiewsky dealt with some calls for fallen trees. Pandora Flores passed along concerns regarding a leaning tree over Pa’s Road.


Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to approve the minutes, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried. At 8:07 pm, Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.

Next board meeting will be September 12th; the meeting in October is on the 17th.