Board Meeting

09/12/2018 from 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Town of Clinton    Board Meeting    September 12, 2018


Properly posted meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance were Chairman John LaDue, Supervisor 1 Dan Chaulklin, Supervisor 2 James Chapiewsky, Clerk Sandy Schweiger, Jan Clark (arrived near end of meeting), Mava Clark, Doug Ewing, Alex Flores, Pandora Flores, Scott Melvin and Lonnie Muller.


The financial report was distributed. Motion made by Supervisor Chapiewsky to accept, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried. Chairman LaDue made a motion to transfer $330 from savings to checking and $4,500 from money management to checking, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky; all ayes, motion carried. Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to approve payment of bills, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.


The board members have been addressing damage caused by recent flooding including the second repair of some roads with Knapp being the hardest hit. Repairs on Kelbel Road have been delayed awaiting approval from the DNR. Those who helped out will be paid $16 per hour while Supervisor Chaulklin will be paid $15 per hour. Supervisor Chapiewsky noted that standing water remains on lower Knapp; ditching and possibly a culvert are needed. Chairman LaDue will discuss this with the property owners as proper ditching will require access beyond the right of way.


The grader has been repaired; hoping to get a retired operator to train Jake Miller.

Patrolman Miller also requested that each truck have an oil change and inspection at Westby Truck & Equipment. Snow plowing assistants are needed for winter. Salt should be delivered the last week of the month. Patrolman’s duties will be reviewed and updated as necessary.


Chairman LaDue reviewed the spending policy, reminding all that the patrolman may only spend $500 without approval on non-durable goods.


With the upcoming budget in mind, Chairman LaDue observed that past boards had respected the difficulties with the economy as well as limits imposed by the governor. The result is that there are insufficient funds to keep up with road repairs. Now might be the time to consider raising the levy to address road needs; sample mill rate worksheets were provided. A resolution is needed to exceed the allowable levy and this will be done at a special meeting.


The door on the town hall needs replacing in order to open toward the ramp. There was some discussion of installing one wide door instead of the current double door. No decision was made on this matter.


A “Hold Harmless Agreement” was requested by Vernon County Highway Department which was signed and will be returned to Phil Hewitt.


The Vernon County Humane Society wished to have the board members consider a new contract. Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to sign the agreement, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.


Motion to approve minutes from August was made by Supervisor Chapiewsky, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.


Next meeting will be October 17th, Clean-Up Day is the 13th. Supervisor Chapiewsky noted that Pandora Flores had made a big difference at the Recycle Center and earned her “retirement”.


Scott Melvin wished to inform the board of matters on East Bloomingdale Road. He felt the weirs constructed last year should be cleaned out and does not want any more material removed near his house. Following the installation of fiber optic cables, a culvert was covered and now rainwater flows into a garage below the bridge. He would also like a means to slow down traffic. Chairman LaDue will follow up on these issues. Lonnie Muller mentioned that town roads can be designated “Class B” which provides for weight restrictions.


Pandora Flores passed along information regarding road damage on Knapp Valley south of TWP 21; this was not noticed previously but is related to recent flooding. Rough estimate of flood damage is $250,000.


LaFarge Area Fire Association meeting is October 11th.


At 8:35 pm, Chairman LaDue made a motion to adjourn.