Board Meeting

12/12/2018 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Town of Clinton    Board Meeting    December 12, 2018


Properly posted meeting was called to order at 7 pm in the town hall. In attendance were Chairman John LaDue, Supervisor Dan Chaulklin, Supervisor James Chapiewsky, Clerk Sandy Schweiger, Treasurer Jan Clark, Mava Clark, Wally Hemmersbach, Jake Miller, Lonnie Muller and Bruce Woods.


Chairman LaDue made a motion to accept the financial report as read, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried. Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to approve transferring $35,000 from money management to checking, 2nd by Chairman LaDue; all ayes, motion carried. Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to approve payment of bills, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.


Resolution 7-2018 was presented to approve the $3,144 in carryforward as part of this year’s levy of $150,000. Chairman LaDue made a motion to approve, 2nd by Supervisor Chapiewsky; all ayes, motion carried.


Rural Mutual Insurance provided an estimate for 2019 policy of $5,149 which does not include worker’s compensation coverage. Following a brief discussion, Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to continue with this coverage, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.


Plowing private driveways continues to generate issues. A misunderstanding regarding the amount the town plows (only in and then out) resulted in the board approving a refund of the plowing expense to Dean Jensen; only sand will be provided for the remainder of the season. One-time plowing is being discouraged due to the disruptive nature of such requests.


After Chairman LaDue consulted with the chairman of Town of Christiana, it was noted that the lower Knapp Valley bridge is the sole responsibility of the Town of Clinton. This bridge will need an additional 400 ton of rip-rap on the upstream side to reinforce the footer. Truckers are getting stuck on Oneida Road after entering from Highway 33; since most of these trucks exceed the allowable limit for the bridge in Town of Jefferson, residents on Irish Ridge are being encouraged to re-route these drivers.


Jake Miller found a leak in the radiator of the Dodge pick-up; it was suggested that a new one could be found on Since this vehicle is not needed at the moment, this project will be done as time allows. Although internet access at the shop would be helpful, there is apparently none available at this time.


After Mr. Miller spoke to Highway Commissioner Phil Hewitt, it was recommended that the safety lights on the truck be replaced. Supervisor Chapiewsky suggested doing one truck at a time to compare the difference. Also, the radios do not allow communication with Cashton School District; a replacement could be leased for $7 per month which includes maintenance. Chairman LaDue will investigate options.


As for the backhoe, St. Joseph Equipment estimated repairs at $30,000, suggesting a new model would cost $105,000 with a $25,000 trade-in. Portland Implement would repair and fabricate parts for about $13,500. The brakes must be fixed, with other repairs optional or as needed. Board members were not interested in purchasing new equipment at this time.  Another option would be to contracting. The board will continue to consider the alternatives.


Vernon County Zoning continues to have issues with some residents who are avoiding sanitary permits. Their legal department is working on a formal citation procedure that will apply to all properties, not just new construction. The DNR and FEMA are also involved; FEMA will not reimburse municipalities for damages until this matter is resolved. In some cases, homes built improperly are being demolished. In addition, human waste may no longer be spread on fields as was allowed in the past; both the county and DNR are cracking down as at least 5 properties in Bloomingdale have wells contaminated with E. coli.


The board scheduled caucus for January 19, 2019 at 1 pm; notices will be posted and published in Vernon County Broadcaster, Cashton Record and Episcope.


Supervisor Chapiewsky made a motion to approve minutes from November meetings, 2nd by Supervisor Chaulklin; all ayes, motion carried.


Chairman LaDue reminded everyone that 5-gallon pails of sand/salt from the town pile are okay, but not pick-up loads or buckets; concrete barriers will provide a deterrence.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:42 pm.