Highway Ordinance: Establishing rules and regulations for the dedication of private roads by the Town Board in areas of new residential developments.

Driveway Permit Ordinance: Establishing and installation of all roads and driveways from all public roads into private property.

Construction Ordinance: To promote the general health, safety and welfare and to maintain required local uniformity with the administrative and technical requirements of the WIsconsin Uniform Dwelling code.

Site Permit Ordinance: To keep the town in compliance with property assessment values and protect the health and safety and welfare of the township residents by assuring that any construction in the Town of Clinton will comply with regulations.

Treasurer Bond Ordinance: Document of current Treasurer Bond Ordinance.

Comprehensive Plan Ordinance: Lawfully adopt a comprehensive plan for the Town of Clinton.

Weight Limit Ordinance: Ordinance for length and weight limits for specific types of vehicles.

Citation Ordinance: Authorization to issue citations for violation of town ordinances.

ATV/UTV Ordinance: Establish routes and regulate the operation of ATV & UTV in the town.

Fire Sign Ordinance: To promote the public health, safety, general welfare and good order in the Town of Clinton and for its inhabitants, pursuant to powers inherent to it as a Town

Zoning Ordinance: