Board Meeting Minutes: Special Session (Open Session) December 19, 2022

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Town of Clinton

Town Board Special Meeting

December 19, 2022

6:00 am

Town Shop

S945 County Road D

Open Session

Present: Chairman Corey Leis, Supervisor #1, Bob Erickson, Supervisor #2, Fred Brandt, Town Patrolman Scot Sanders, and part time Assistant Patrolman applicant, Greg Nelson.

Open Session called to order at 6:00 am.

  • M/S/P: Chairman Leis/Brandt moved to go into Closed Session at 6:02 am. (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P: Chairman Leis/Erickson moved to go into Open Session at 6:39 am. (3 ayes)


  • M/S/P: Erickson/Chairman Leis moved to adjourn at 6:42 am. (3 ayes)

Chairman Corey Leis:                                                                       Date:

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