Board Meeting Minutes: Special Session (Open Session) January 11, 2023

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Town of Clinton

Town Board Special Meeting

January 11, 2023

6:40 pm

Town Hall

S1299 County Road D

Open Session

Open Session called to order at 6:40 pm.

  • M/S/P: Chairman Leis/Brandt moved to go into Closed Session at 6:41 pm. (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P: Chairman Leis/Erickson moved to go into Open Session at 6:49 pm. (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P: Chairman Leis/Erickson moved to pay Paul Clark 86 hours of lost work time from 2022, due to lack of Workman’s Comp Insurance coverage prior to the Dempsey Law Opinion, which restored his original Employee status and Payroll status. This specific compensation total of $1,720.00 would be classified as 2022 Wages paid in 2023 at his 2022 hourly rate. (3 ayes)


  • M/S/P: Erickson/Chairman Leis moved to adjourn at 6:53 pm. (3 ayes)

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