Board Meeting Minutes: June 7, 2023

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Town of Clinton

Board Meeting

June 7, 2023

7:00 pm at the Town Hall

S1299 County Road D

Board Minutes

Meeting called to order by Chairman Leis at 7:00 pm:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Roll Call:

  • Chairman Corey Leis, Supervisor #1 Bill Stock, Supervisor #2 Darin Von Ruden, Town Treasurer Jan Clark, Town Clerk Lori Hemmersbach.

Financial Report and Bills:

  • M/S/P: Stock/Von Ruden moved to approve the Financial Report. (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P: Stock/Von Ruden moved to approve the 5.28.23 transfer of $7,900.00 from Money Management to Checking, the 6.8.23 transfer of $1,435.00 from Savings to Checking and the 6.8.23 transfer of $28,200.00 from Money Management to Checking. (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P:  Von Ruden/Stock moved to pay the bills. (3 ayes)

Approve Minutes:

  • M/S/P: Von Ruden/Stock moved to approve the 5.10.2023 Board Meeting Minutes as written and as published as a draft on the website. (3 ayes)

Public Comment:

MOU Solid Waste and Recycling Dept:

  • Stacy Sanborn Director of the Vernon County Solid Waste and Recycling Department attended to ask the Town to sign a Memorandum of Understanding requiring our waster hauler to haul our waste to the Vernon County Landfill. In exchange for putting this in our contracts the Town will get a rebate back in January; rebate will depend on waste tonnage and amount is not set yet. Stacy has 10 townships that have signed so far. The Vernon County Board needs proof townships will support the landfill expansion before they will commit to expanding. The Board will discuss more, no action taken at this time.

Annual Audit:

  • Supervisor Stock received a proposal from Pederson Accounting & Tax Service LLC for a complete audit (retainer of $2,000.00, hourly rate of $150 for all hours worked) and a cost estimate from Johnson Block ($20,000.00-25,000.00). Melanie from Johnson Block felt Townships benefited more from a procedure review. Supervisor Stock will get a quote on a procedure review from them.

Dumpster Service:

  • Big Hook Trucking & Disposal withdrew the proposal submitted last meeting for front loader dumpsters. They will work up a new proposal with other dumpster options. No action taken.

Site Permit Review:

  • No action taken.

Road Project Update:

  • Irish Ridge Road will be black topped next week; shoulder work the following week, once that is finished the project will be complete.
  • Seal coating: probably 3-4 weeks before Scotts will start.
  • Patrolman Sanders said they have started mowing with one pass and they mark off what has been mowed on a map/list.

Irish Ridge Road Account Review and Pay Bills:

  • M/S/P: Stock/Von Ruden moved to provide an Irish Ridge bill list each month until project is completed starting at the next board meeting (July). (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P: Stock/Von Ruden moved to pay 2 bills from Central States Construction, one for $5,000.00, the other for $5,912.50, for construction services. (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P: Von Ruden/Stock moved to pay Lepke Excavating $110,916.54. (3 ayes)

Resignation of Town Assessor Jerry Kins:

  • Assessor Kins submitted his resignation at the Board of Review.
  • Chairman Leis spoke with the Town of Jefferson and their assessor Holloway Appraisal, Bob Madvig. Jefferson is very happy with them. Bob will check to see how many reassessments they have and if they can fit us in, get us a quote. They were quite interested.
  • Clerk Hemmersbach spoke with the Town of Christina. They are pleased with their assessor, Hart Appraisals. A message was left for Hart asking them to call.

Liquor License Renewal:

  • M/S/P: Von Ruden/Stock moved to renew the Class “A” Beer and Class “B” Liquor License for Old Country Cheese LLC. (3 ayes)


  • M/S/P: Von Ruden/Stock moved to adjourn at 8:33 pm. (3 ayes)      

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