Board Meeting Minutes (DRAFT): June 10, 2024

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Town of Clinton Board Meeting

June 10, 2024

7:00 pm at the Town Hall, S1299 County Road D

Board Minutes

Meeting called to order by Chairman Leis at 7:00pm:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Roll Call:

  • Chairman Corey Leis, Supervisor #1 Darin Von Ruden, Supervisor #2 Bill Stock, Town Treasurer Jan Clark, Town Clerk Lori Hemmersbach

Financial Report and Bills:

  • M/S/P: Stock/Von Ruden moved to approve the Financial Report. (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P: Stock/Von Ruden moved to approve the transfer of $16,250.00 from Savings to Checking. (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P: Von Ruden/Stock to moved to approve the transfer of $30,500.00 from the Bank of Cashton Line of Credit to Checking, if available. (3 ayes)
  • M/S/P Stock/Von Ruden to pay the bills. (3 ayes)

Approve Minutes:

  • M/S/P: Von Ruden/Stock moved to approve the 4.10.24 Board Meeting Minutes with the typo correction of 8” bar seal on Cary Road to 8’. (3 ayes)

Public Comment:

2024 Road Projects:

  • Seal coating is done.
  • Mowing and patching are the main projects currently.
  • New mower not in yet.

Shop Overhead Door Replacement:

  • No news on grant application award yet.

Town of Clinton Cemetery Plots:

  • Interest from some residents in price and availability. It has been, to the best of our knowledge, 10+ years since a plot as been sold. There are plots available. We have no knowledge of previous pricing.
  • Supervisor Von Ruden will check with Arnie Klinkner as to prices for Sacred Heart and Pine Hollow. He will also check with Pete Hilden from Torkelson’s about area prices and bring this information back to the Board to discuss pricing.

Irish Ridge Road Finance Renewal:

  • Chairman Leis got quotes for the Irish Ridge Note from multiple area financial institutions:
  • All financial institutions quotes are annual payment, no prepay penalty
    • Westby Co-op Credit Union 9-9.5%, 10-year term
    • Bank of Cashton- 6%, 10-year term
    • River Bank- 5.81%, 10-year term
    • Farmers State Bank- 4.95%, 10-year term
    • Citizens First Bank- 6%, 1-year; 6.25% 3-years; 6.5% 5-years, Prime + 1.5% starting at 7% 10-years
  • M/S/P Von Ruden/Stock to go with Farmers State Bank Hillsboro at 4.95% interest, 10-year term, annual payments with no pre-payment penalty, payment due July 15 or later. (3 ayes)

Next Meeting: Monday, July 10 at 7pm


  • M/S/P: Stock/Von Ruden moved to adjourn at 7:49 pm. (3 ayes)      

Clerk Lori Hemmersbach:­­­­_________________________________­________­ Date:____________